American in Spain


July 14, 2006

The theme for today's Flickr post is Grandparents. Since these pictures were taken two years ago, two of my grandparents, Jean and Glen, have passed away. Jean, Jim, and Marga

Jean, Jim, and Marga - Erik's two maternal grandparents with Marga in May, 2004.

Erik, Marga, Joyce, and Glen

Erik, Marga, Joyce, and Glen - Erik and Marga visit with Erik's paternal grandparents in May, 2004.

Ramón and Erik

Ramón and Erik - Marga's maternal grandfather with Erik having a few beers in Extremadura, Spain.

This last picture always makes me smile. I'm never as happy as I am when we are bar hopping in the sweltering Spanish August heat, and I love and respect Marga's grandfather immensely.

(and not to mention that that's a superb picture of me)