American in Spain

Destination: Pamplona

July 5, 2006

We're actually gonna do it this year. I've just bought bus tickets to go to Pamplona this weekend for the San Fermin festival. For you Americans, that's the "running of the bulls" that brings Spain to your evening news program once a year. We leave on Friday afternoon, get there Friday evening, and return Saturday afternoon. There will be no sleeping, because A) there will be no available hotels, and B) the party lasts all night long. The encierro (running of the bulls) happens in the early morning, and the bullfights occur immediately afterwards. This happens every day for a week (from July 7-14), but the biggest one is usually the one that falls on a Saturday (the day we'll be there).

I know the question you want to ask. The answer is no, I will most likely not run with the bulls. It's not the bulls that scare me so much, but that some idiot running next to me might do something stupid to put me in danger. This year I will watch the encierro first hand and decide if I might do it some other year. Although my "things to do before turning 30" window is rapidly shutting, I still have time to do this another year if I decide to.

So, be sure to check the blog next week.