American in Spain

Huge Monster

June 14, 2006

For some reason, I often take my camera on my always-uneventful, five minute trip to buy bread every day. Nothing photo-worthy every happens. Until today...

Right in my path, lying on its back, was this scary creature.


Look at those pinchers!

On my way back a few minutes later, he had righted himself.


Here he comes! Run!


You really have to have big grapling hooks on your feet to allow such a huge critter to walk up vertical surfaces.

I measured the size of those squares with my keychain, and then later measured the mark on my keychain with a tape measure. Each square is 5x5 cm (2x2 inches). This guy was a little longer than one of the squares. So he was just a little smaller than the computer mouse in your hand.1

Looks like it's scary bug nightmares for me tonight...

1Did I make you take your hand off the mouse?