American in Spain

Berria Crayfish Kebab

June 13, 2006

A few more Flickr pics... My Flickr upload project is serving for nice blog content during slow periods.

I went down to my favorite nearby bar yesterday to watch the United States vs. Czech Republic World Cup match. We got slaughtered. Each of the three Czech goals was beautifully executed with no doubts as to their legality. They just outplayed us every step of the way.

Then, last night, Ghana came really close to scoring lots of goals against Italy, even though Italy beat them 2-0. Things are going to have to be very different in the next few Group E matches if the US are to get anywhere near the next round.

Berria Beach

Berria Beach - Berria Beach in Santoña, Spain, in July 2005.

Crayfish Rage

Crayfish Rage - This little guy got angry when I approached his creek bed in Extremadura, Spain.

Shish Kebabs

Shish Kebabs - Preparations are complete for a barbecue during a Rasmussen family reunion in June, 2003, in Chicago, USA.