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Depressing Rolling Stone Article

June 5, 2006

This article came out last week. I read the first half of it, but skipped to the conclusion because I was starting to feel physically ill from the anger/shame/depression that it was evoking in me. On the one hand, I'm happy to hear that 50.1% of Americans aren't complete idiots. The percentage is actually much lower.1

The real target of all of my hatred surrounding this issue is not the dirty election officials that broke the laws and disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters. I'm also not upset with the American people for not taking notice that such fraud has occurred.

The guilty party here is the #$*&@$&* media! In the face of such obvious exit poll discrepancies, they just dismissed a trusted, tested system of data collection as completely useless. No one investigated this and brought it to the public's attention! Why did it take two years to hear about all this?

And what really, really pisses me off is that I know for certain that, if a Democrat gets elected in 2008, the Republicans are going to be shouting from every street corner about election fraud, and the media is going to cover it like it's the biggest news story since 9/11. That's what really gets my donkey.

Every time Bush uses the words "freedom" or "democracy" he disgraces the American ideal that he claims to believe in so strongly. Sometimes I wish I believed in Hell.

1% of complete idiots = % of people that actually voted for Bush - 0.01% (the richest people who have gotten power and tax cuts because of Bush being in office)